Private Billing Fees:

Standard Consult $70 $37.60 $32.40
Long Consult $110 $72.80 $37.20
Extended Consult $170 $107.15 $62.85
  • To receive the rebate directly into your account, patients are required to register their account details with Medicare. Medicare is responsible for processing this rebate.
  • Any other out-of-pocket fees (such as medical consumables for a procedure) will be advised at time of booking or as listed below.
We will still Bulk Bill:
  • Pensioners (any patient 65 years & +)
  • Pension/ Health Care Card Holders
  • Veteran (DVA) Patients (Gold card only)
  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Nurse appointments for example: flu vaccines, ear wash etc
  • Chronic Disease Management Plans & review
  • Mental Health Plans & review
  • Repeat scripts Renewal ONLY
  • Follow up appointments for Investigations/test results ONLY

Out of Pocket Fees Do Apply for our Other Services, Please find below:

Full Skin /4 or more Skin Spots Check $100
Minor Surgical Procedures (e.g. stitches for cuts) $35
Repeated Wound Dressings $10
Super Glue Application on Lacerations $10
Super Glue Application on Lacerations $30
N.B: Skin Biopsy -if stitches required there is $35 charge extra
Implanon Insertion &/or Removal $35
New Work-Cover patients whose Workcover still not approved $61.63
Pre-Employment Health Check (Regular patients Only) $150
Yellow Fever Vaccine (we order) $120
Transfer of Medical records $25 for CD & $ 40 for Hard copy.

**Walk-in appointment $50 will be charged on top of any additional charges.


Cancellation Policy

Notification of Cancellation is required 3 hours in advance, otherwise you will be marked as Failed to Attend. If you fail to attend on 3 occasions, you will not be allowed to make any further appointments with us, unless you pay $100, which allows us to be compensated for our loss. This policy is in place to stop any persistent misuse of our services and additionally, to ensure that there is an opportunity to reallocate the appointment. If you are late for your appointment by more than 10 min, you will have to reschedule it and you will be marked as failed to attend. Please Note: As long as you don’t reach your 3rd Failure to Attend by the date of our anniversary (1 st ) your record will be cleared. ****We don’t accept appointment cancellations through email. Please call us or cancel via online appointment system, if applicable***


Golden Plains Medical Centre
59 Geelong Rd,
Bannockburn, Vic 3331

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 8.15am to 6.00pm
Saturday 8.45am - 2.00pm (hours may change please check with reception)
Sunday Closed

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